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Text Message Marketing Helps You do More than be Proactive

Text message marketing is a service that's increasing in popularity for many different businesses. It's a way of marketing that helps you effectively get messages to your customers and target customers. People nowadays rarely sit down and read brochures. People want bite-sized information delivered quickly. Text message marketing messages can serve that market well and can help you capture leads also.

People of all ages are texting people. More people than ever are using their smartphones to help them make buying decisions via searches and mobile applications. More businesses than ever are optimizing their websites for mobile users as well. People are discovering that with mobile browsing, they can instantly access local information about companies, check for user testimonials and reviews of service providers, and they can check out local deals for things they're looking for. If you can get permission to market to someone via their cell phone, you could open a potentially profitable door and put many elements of the arduous relationship building process on autopilot.

Proactive and Reactive Marketing

There are times when companies proactively pursue people for marketing purposes. This is something that works well. But you need to be able to react as well. There are times when companies need to respond reactively but there are many missed opportunities, such as when someone sees a banner or sign outdoors. Text message marketing can help you give people more information when they see your ad. It helps you react, so to speak, when you're not there to answer questions in person.

For real estate professionals, for instance, you can advertise to people with smartphones or even a standard cell phone who see a sign of yours on a lawn. By texting a code you've listed on the sign with their mobile phone, they can obtain more information about a specific property because your text message marketing system provides instantaneous information to them.

Lead Capture Using Smartphones

Not only can you fill an immediate need for someone who wants information now but you can capture information about that lead, opening the door to contact them and to market to them in the future. Lead capture is something many professionals want to do on a constant basis. Text message marketing is another tool in your lead generation arsenal that you can take advantage of. And because the vast majority of people nowadays have their cell phone with them at all times, this can be highly valuable for relationship building. You can text potential clients to confirm appointment times, send follow up messages to thank them for an appointment, and more. Your users can control their subscription as well, saving you from appearing to be spamming their cell phone.

Mobile keyword advertising can work in many mediums. You can put your keyword on menus, flyers, business cards, signs, and in emails. Use it in local print advertising and on the internet as well. You can send out regular texts to subscribers about specials and promotions and offer special deals to people who sign up for this service.

With more savvy and demanding consumers than ever, text message marketing is a great way to reach a wider audience, get sales assistance, and get more leads into a sales funnel than ever.

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